Thursday, February 19, 2009

About PH338 and Glutathione

Lifted from Ebay seller gayleganda's page:

PH338 100mg Reduced Glutathione
Authentic from JAPAN 30 Day Supply
90 tablets (blister pack)

Local BFAD Approved!
FR No. 59460

You probably have heard of this most raved about supplement! If you haven't, hear are some important information:

Benefits of Glutathione
Glutathione is very popular as a WHITENING supplement, because it is proven to actually work! But it has more WONDERFUL HEALTH benefits to offer:
  • AN ANTI-OXIDANT. Fights off and protects the body from oxidants that can lead to aging and diseases such as cancer
  • DETOXIFICATION. Detoxifies the liver from toxins, heavy metals, alcohol and other harmful substances
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST. Toughens up your immune system to fight diseases
  • ANTI-AGING. Protects the skin from signs of aging.
  • WHITENING. Believe it or not, whitening is only a SIDE EFFECT, and the best side effect there is!
  • IMPROVES PIGMENTATION. Can even out your skin tone if you have scars, melasma, liver spots, freckles, and so on.
  • PROTECTS YOUR EYES. Protects you from contracting eye diseases such as cataract or optic nerve problems.

IMPORTANT: Glutathione should be taken with Vitamin C to be properly absorbed by the body. PH-338 is in REDUCED glutathione form, making it more bio-ready - readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Hence, EFFECTIVE!


For fastest results, take 3 tablets in three divided doses (1 tablet in the morning, noon and night) daily with Vitamin C, preferably after meals. If you achieve your desired skin tone after a few months, you can reduce dosage to 1-2 tablets daily. Remember to take with Vitamin C.

NOTE: PH338 has been proven to work well with Shiseido Purewhite and L-cysteine supplements. Ingredients in these supplements enhance the whitening and health benefits of glutathione, making it work a lot faster than if taken on its own. You can try it now, and thank yourself later!


  1. ok ba absorbent c ang ipipair ko jan sa ph338?plan ko kac bumili nyan. i really have dark skin. eepek kaya sakin yan? mero na ba nkatake nyan na maitim tlaga?

  2. I am a luxxe user 1 month plang me gumagamit ng luxxe effective naman pinkish white pag naarawan ka glowing.. ngaun plang me oorder ng ph338 kc mdami tlaga magagandang review about dun. Since yung luxxe e 2890:( mahal para me umuupa ng bahay. D pa ksama yung grapeseed ko at vit. C and e supply for 1 month kya try me yung ph338.

  3. Where can I avail authentic ph338? Kse we don't know mmya fake. syang nman.